Hydrogen Related Videos

In this section we provide an overview of initiatives, developments and concept solutions various businesses and institutions make available with video content on the subject of hydrogen and fuel cells and how they fit into the wider energy transition.

How Cheap Hydrogen Could Become the Next Clean Fuel

Startups around the world are working on new ways of producing hydrogen, a clean alternative to fossil fuels that could one day power the grid, transportation and heavy industry.

Portable Hydrogen Cartridge (Prototype)

TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION (“Toyota”) and its subsidiary, Woven Planet Holdings, Inc. (“Woven Planet”), have developed a working prototype of its portable hydrogen cartridge. This cartridge design will facilitate the everyday transport and supply of hydrogen energy to power a broad range of daily life applications in and outside of the home. Toyota and Woven Planet will conduct Proof of Concept (“PoC”) trials in various places, including Woven City, a human-centered smart city of the future currently being constructed in Susono City, Shizuoka Prefecture.


Nobuo Tanaka spoke on various topics in our WGC Explores. From the move towards a hydrogen economy and how Japan can contribute to clean energy, to the impact of Covid-19 on the oil and gas industry, green finance, the acceleration of digitalization and the integral role of women in the transformation of the energy sector.


The Hydrogen Wave has begun for our Earth and humanity. Take a look at Hyundai Motor Group’s future hydrogen vision, hydrogen mobility concept, and our new fuel cell system.


Taking a holistic approach to pipeline integrity, ROSEN supports operators in converting existing gas infrastructure to be used for hydrogen transportation.
Discover more: https://bit.ly/2Vl1WaD


Hydrogen Wave – Trailer Drone
The Hydrogen Wave has begun for our Earth and humanity. Take a look at Hyundai Motor Group’s future hydrogen vision, hydrogen mobility concept, and our new fuel cell system.

H2 Fuel

H2Fuel is a patented solution for the production, storage and use of hydrogen. To produce it no electrolysis is required. Instead, the hydrogen containing solid powder form claims to have many advantages over its use in either gaseous or liquid form. This video explains the concept.

H2 Fuel

Introduction to H2Fuel and how it works. It explains how hydrogen H2Fuel is stored and released. Efficiency and reuse are addressed too. Store electrical energy on a large industrial scale.

Answers With Joe

As a guest appearance Matt Ferrell speaks about the use case of hydrogen energy. Fuel cells, storage and hydrogen production all get addressed in this skilfully summarized

Toyota fuel cells

Toyota fuel cells and how they work. The video outlines the fuel cell architecture in terms of hydrogen storage, battery, booster, power unit, the fuel cells stack itself and the electric motor. It also addresses the fuel cell and battery inter play between low and high load driving circumstances.

The Hydrogen Council

EC president Ursula von der Leyen discuses the government support and potential for hydrogen to be a key element in the decarbonisation strategy of many European countries.

The Hydrogen Council

Hydrogen Cost Competitiveness – Explaining hydrogen costs might drop quicker then previously anticipated. 5% of global energy spending, or $70bn, would bring hydrogen to scale.

H2 means Hydrogen from Hamburg

ArcelorMittal Hamburg investigates hydrogen in steel production


SSAB explains how to reduce carbon emissions from steel making. Through the use of iron pellets and the direct reduction process, using hydrogen instead of coke and coal, steel is porduced without CO2 emissions.

Business Insider

Although the automotive industry seems like it’s slowly making a shift towards battery-powered vehicles, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles could be another great alternative to gas-powered cars. Despite Elon Musk calling them “mind-bogglingly stupid, the majority of automotive executives believe hydrogen fuel cell vehicles will be the catalyst for the shift from gas-powered cars.


Watch to find out more about the inner workings of Toyota’s Mirai fuel cell sedan.

Asian Renewable Energy Hub

The Asian Renewable Energy Hub illustrates the potential in Asia to develop green hydrogen producing capacity and utilise it in a wide range of downstream industries.