China Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Focus


China H2 & FC focus. Recap and forward looking developments.

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Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Focus. Recap of 2021 and forward looking developments all in one on China’s rapidly changing fuel cell landscape.

Topics addressed in this special overview are:

  1. On the “Road” to a National Hydrogen Policy: The Importance of FCEV Pilot Projects to
  2. China’s Hydrogen Policy Ecosystem
  3. Heavy Duty Trucking: A Sweet Spot for the Hydrogen Economy
  4. Overview of Broad Ocean FCEV Investments
  5. FCEVs in China: On the Road to a National Hydrogen Strategy
  6. Fuel Cells as Telecom Backup Power- An Expensive Solution for a Minor Problem
  7. Solutions to the Hydrogen Transport Challenge in northwest China
  8. Regional Focus- Wuhan and the Central China FCEV Pilot Cities Cluster
  9. Overview of Subsidy and Permitting Policy on the FCEV Industry in China
  10. Industry Focus: Fuel Cells to Power China’s Inland Shipping Industry
  11. China’s Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Pilot City Clusters- Policies and Concepts
  12. The Fuel Cell Industry in China: Past Experience and Future Challenge
  13. New Energy Vehicle Index No. 351: Fuel Cell Manufacturer and Auto OEM Highlights

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