China H2 & FC Monitor Issue 3 – H2 November 2021


China H2 & FC monitor H2 November 2021

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NOV H2 2021: When it comes to China’s Fuel Cell strategy the country is lagging some of the other countries in Europe. So far China adopts a wait and see attitude but also has indicated ambitions to formalise its plans on a hydrogen strategy and the role fuel cells will play in that world.

Topics addressed in this 2-weekly overview of the Chinese hydrogen and fuel cell markets are:

  1. Feature Article: Overview of Technology Applications in China
  2. FCEVs in China: On the Road to a National Hydrogen Strategy
  3. Fuel Cells as Telecom Backup Power- An Expensive Solution for a Minor Problem
  4. The Impact of Industrial Policy on Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Capital Markets
    in China
  5. Regional Focus- Hydrogen Production and Markets in Southwest China
  6. Regional Focus- Wuhan and the Central China FCEV Pilot Cities Cluster