China H2 & FC Monitor Issue 2 – H1 November 2021


China H2 & FC monitor H1 November 2021

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NOV H1 2021: China has big ambitions rolling out hydrogen fueling stations and getting fuel cell vehicles on the road in the near future.

This is to a large extent dependent on subsidies and further government support. How does China’s national hydrogen policy look and what are the latest updates? Other points discussed are the challenges in the northwest of the country is facing in regard to transport and, among other things, an overview of Broad Oceans fuel cell investments.

Topics addressed in this 2-weekly overview of the Chinese hydrogen and fuel cell markets are:

  1. Feature Article: State of the MEA Industry in China
  2. Overview of Broad Ocean FCEV Investments
  3. Solutions to the Hydrogen Transport Challenge in northwest China
  4. On the “Road” to a National Hydrogen Policy: The Importance of FCEV Pilot Projects to
  5. China’s Hydrogen Policy Ecosystem
  6. China Operations Spotlight Series: Bosch
  7. Overview of Subsidy and Permitting Policy on the FCEV Industry in China