China H2 & FC Monitor Issue 1 – H1 October 2021


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OCT H1 2021: Updates during this issue focus on what is happening in China’s steel sector and how it is planning to reduce emissions through the use of hydrogen.

Also addressed are the promising use of fuel cells in heavy duty transport as well as other e-fuels in the country. Furthermore, we address the shift of big oil to big hydrogen: an analysis of h2 economy planning at China’s three big oil majors.

Topics addressed during this 2 weekly overview are:

  1. Feature Article: Big Oil to Big Hydrogen: Analysis of Hydrogen Economy
  2. Planning at China’s Three Big Oil Majors
  3. E-Fuels in China: The Future of Feedstock and Fuel?
  4. Heavy Duty Trucking: A Sweet Spot for the Hydrogen Economy
  5. Hydrogen Blending in China: A Question of Cost
  6. The Steel Industry in China: Hydrogen Producer or Consumer?
  7. Synthetic Ammonia in China