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What is the China Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Monitor?

The China hydrogen & fuel cell monitor provides extensive insights into the world of China. It addresses a whole range of different topics. First and foremost the developments with regard to hydrogen, but also how they relate to fuel cells and e-fuels.

It looks at hydrogen upstream production at the plans and actions of the major oil producers and at the developments in the steel industry in their efforts to decarbonise.

It lays out the various decarbonisation clusters present in the country and what their strategy is to roll out a decarbonisation agenda. the analysis also focuses on policy changes on the national, state and even city level.

Fuel cells are widely discussed too, addressing China’s plan to implement them in vehicles but also other modes of transport. Fuel cells will have a role inn rail and shipping too and we lay out all those developments.

All developments related to hydrogen and fuel cells in China: updated every two weeks.

€ 499,- (subscription for 6 months, or 12 issues)