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About TransGlobal Events

Trans-Global Events specialize in organising industry leading international B2B conferences and exhibitions, with a strong focus on creating a more sustainable, circular future through the use of next-generation technology, future design and manufacturing processes, smart materials, and emerging business models. Created by a management team who have over 60 years combined experience, Trans-Global Events has an unprecedented level of knowledge in launching and establishing exceptional conferences and exhibitions that provide value for their attendees, sponsors, and exhibitors alike.

What They Do

The events are created with business leaders in mind, focusing on the ‘what next’ for global industries. They provide strategic level mission critical information through their conferences & exhibitions to global business communities by bringing together senior industry experts to share and gain knowledge, build new business relationships, and to identify next-generation technology and industry trends.

Focused on Sustainability

At Trans-Global Events they are focused on helping to create a more sustainable future. They believe that new technology will play a key role in preventing unprecedented and irreversible damage to our planet. They are committed to bringing the latest disruptive technology and business models to the forefront of industries and to challenge traditional ways the world views energy, resources, and the human ecological and socio-economic impact of rising global populations.

Transglobal Events is organising the Hydrogen technology Expo in Europe, Bremen Germany, 19-20 October 2022.  More information available HERE
Sustainable Energy Council

The Sustainable Energy Council is the world-leading business council, events producer and training provider for the sustainable energy and infrastructure industries. Our close relationships with 60+ Governments worldwide, as well as an extensive network of industry stakeholders, make us the trusted partner of choice for the global sustainable energy industry.

SEC events aim to:

  • Help Governments harness new policies that ensure a sustainable future for their countries whilst also expanding and diversifying their economies
  • Bring together the leaders of the global energy business to recap and align strategies for the future
  • Attract investors who are actively focusing on cleaner and greener sources of energy
  • Focus on upcoming sustainable projects and how to operate current projects to efficient level
Euro Petroleum Consultants

SHARING KNOWLEDGE, SHAPING BUSINESS. Euro Petroleum Consultants is a leading independent consulting company with worldwide experience in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries. They organise conferences, training, recruitment and offer consultancy services.


Euro Petroleum Consultants has been producing high-level conferences for the oil, gas and petrochemical sectors since 1999. Euro Petroleum Consultants hosts 15 global events annually and provides a unique platform for producers, technology providers and suppliers to gather and exchange knowledge and experience on all key industry issues.


Euro Petroleum Consultants has extensive knowledge based on more than 20 years of experience in Russia, CIS and Caspian, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Euro Petroleum Consultants’ mission is to act as Client Project Engineer (CPE), providing invaluable expertise, advice and support throughout all the stages of project analysis and implementation. Founder of Euro Petroleum Consultants, Colin Chapman has more than 33 years’ experience in Russia and CIS countries.


Building on its longstanding experience in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries both as independent consultants and conference organisers, Euro Petroleum Consultants has developed a series of training, seminar and workshop services to deliver the highest level of technical and strategic expertise.


EPC Recruitment Solutions is an engineering and technical recruitment specialist, with over 20 years’ experience in successfully placing high calibre staff for contract, interim and permanent roles throughout the world. Built on extensive industry knowledge, experience and a wide global network of contacts, Euro Petroleum Consultants offers clients invaluable recruitment support.

Headquartered in Dubai, UAE since 1989 with operations in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Singapore, Canada, South Africa and the UK, dmg events is an international exhibitions and publishing company. They attract more than 425,000 visitors to our portfolio of 84 exhibitions each year.

They have expanded their operations to achieve impressive growth in emerging and mature markets by the strategic acquisition of complementary businesses and by geo-cloning their flagship events, where they adapt their core event brands to work across new countries and cultures.

Their 300 member team nurture professional communities for diverse industries including Construction, Energy, Coatings, Transport, Hospitality & Interiors. Their events are a focal point, supported by conferences, certified workshops, technical seminars and industry publications.

Through all of this work their aim is simple. dgm want to accelerate business through face-to-face events, which is why they work so hard to bring people together, creating opportunities for them to network, learn and do business.

Their Main Events in the Hydrogen and Gas Space:

Japan Energy Summit

Asia Pacific Energy & Gas Summit

Papua New Guinea Energy Summit & Exhibition

22nd World LNG Summit & Awards

Americas LNG & GAS Summit and Exhibition

37th International Scientific & Expert Meeting of Gas Professionals

11 – 13 May, 2022, Opatija, Croatia

The 37th edition of the largest gas conference & exhibition in Southeast Europe, organized by the Croatian Gas Association, member of the International Gas Union (IGU) will attract a great number of distinguished gas and energy experts and high-ranking managers from numerous gas companies. Speakers and exhibitors from all around the world will take part in this international event.

The Congress will cover a series of current topics important for the gas and energy industry which extend along the entire natural gas chain and crucial issues which will determine development of the natural gas market in the future. Dynamic changes on the natural gas and LNG market, surge of gas prices in Europe, current trends and future projections will be one of the key topics of the major gas event in Croatia.

Check out the CONFERENCE PROGRAM here: https://susret.hsup.hr/en/programme/

BOOK YOUR STAND here: https://susret.hsup.hr/en/exhibition/

REGISTER here: https://susret.hsup.hr/en/registration-of-participants/

Croation Gas Association

The association deals with the improvement of various disciplines of the gas profession through various forms:

  • research and production of natural gas and other fuel gases
  • supply, delivery and consumption of gas
  • techniques and technology in the transport and storage of gas
  • techniques and technology in the distribution and delivery of gas
  • energy and non-energy applications of gas
  • rational consumption and savings
  • regulations and rules of the profession
  • manufacturing of equipment in the Republic of Croatia
  • applied work safety and environmental protection including safety techniques
  • designing and carrying out gas facilities, devices and installations
  • economic and business issues
  • education of professionals for the gas business and energy industry
  • certification of head and operational personnel, based on experiences and practice in the EU
  • participation in the drafting of study materials and energy strategy for the Republic of Croatia
  • other topics important for the profession, members and the company

The Association acts in the area of economics according to its goals. The Association’s activities are the establishment and introduction of practices of generally-accepted rules of the profession, the drafting and promotion of technical regulations, compliance with EU regulations as well as special attention given to the safe use of gas. A particularly important area of work is organizing the drafting of various rules, guidelines, brochures, work-related instructions, manuals, certificates and other technical documents, necessary for the modern gas business.

Based on prescribed conditions, the Association issues powers to legal and natural persons for the undertaking of professional jobs in the gas industry, verification of worker knowledge and competencies including the issuing of appropriate certification which are valid for the entire territory of the Republic of Croatia, and in accordance with the laws. For the purpose of international affirmation, the Association is a member of the International Gas Union, a world non-profit organization registered in Vevey in Switzerland, which gathers more than 150 members from 90 countries around the world. The publishing of the professional journal GAS and organization of professional gatherings allows the Association to publish the latest achievements in the global gas industry to members and the professional public.

Croation Gas Center

The Croatian Gas Association has established a company called the Croatian Gas Center Ltd. (CGC), a company for consulting and services, with headquarters in Zagreb, Heinzelova 9. The CGC is registered before the Commercial Court in Zagreb on 5th of July 2007, and is 100% owned by the Association.

The establishment of CGC has enabled us to expand certain activities by undertaking the following:

Transfer and application of scientific and expert knowledge in the field of engineering and technology, the distribution and use of gas in design, construction and management of gas facilities and energy systems, analysis, revisions and reviews of various study materials, technical solutions and various other unspecified activities related to the development of the gas and energy market.

Based on the above activities the company CGC provides solutions by offering professional-expert-scientific advice, analyses, revisions and reviews. In the analysis process, reputable experts and scientists with many years of experience partake in reviewing various solutions and advice.

Good advice is worth its weight in gold” is an old saying where it is most certainly applicable in the energy sector, the use of new technologies, distribution, the use and application of gas and others facets.

One of the fundamental goals of the Croatian Gas Association (CGA) is to raise the level of awareness and education, exchange experience and information important for the gas business, hence the Association in that regard is involved in the organization of expert gatherings on gas and energy topics. As a member of the International Gas Union, HSUP publishes the latest discoveries and achievements from the global gas industry to members of the Association and the expert public.

Gas Day

Each year in mid-October in Zagreb, a session of the Croatian Gas Association is held solemnly marking GAS DAY, i.e. the start of the heating season. The gathering gathers about 250 participants, mainly members of the Croatian Gas Association, other participants of the Association and representatives from numerous media. The working part of the session is followed by talks from experts on the readiness of the gas system for the coming heating season. In the solemn part, recognition is awarded to experts for their scientific and professional contribution to the gas profession.


The Croatian Gas Centre Ltd. and the Croatian Gas Association each year in the beginning of May in Opatija organize the International Scientific and Expert Meeting of Gas Professionalsone of the largest international conferences and exhibitions in the region of Central and Southeast Europe. The traditional international gathering each year at the Congress Center of the Grand Hotel Adriatic in Opatija gathers about 600 gas and energy experts, of which 60 or so are renowned lecturers and with more than 45 exhibitors from more than 20 countries from Europe and the world. The conference addresses numerous topics important for the gas business and energy industry, and which comprehensively treats the entire natural gas chain and key issues that will determine the development of the natural gas market in the near future.

Participation at the scientific and expert conference, specifically the “International Scientific and Expert Meeting of Gas Experts” ensures that conferences participants can receive about 20 lecture hours of professional training on topics relating to gas, energy, fundamental technical regulations as well as thermal and technical systems and facilities.

WGC2022 will build on the IGU’s 90-year history of engaging the foremost policy-makers, business leaders and technical experts to shape the global energy agenda while new commercial innovations and trends are demonstrated in a major trade exhibition open to all.

Hosted by the Korea Gas Union in May 2022, the event aims to promote the role of natural gas in a sustainable future. WGC2022 has strong support from the Korean Government, Daegu Metropolitan City, KOGAS and global gas industry leaders.