NEW: Issue 4 - Q3 2022
  • Proton Motor: We bring eco-friendliness to the road
  • Boss Energy: Creating connections to unlock hydrogen’s potential
  • Hydro-C: From pipe dreams to hydrogen reality
  • Concord Blue: The company generating green hydrogen through waste
  • AeroDelft: Working where the sky is the limit
  • Forze Hydrogen Racing: Racing towards a hydrogen future for motorsports
  • H2 Green Steel: Pioneering steel decarbonisation with hydrogen
  • CEA Liten: How is the CEA Involved in Fuel Cell Recycling?
  • GenComm: Hydrogen Topography
The Hydrogen Satndard Magazine Issue 3
Issue 3 - Q2 2022
  • Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH: Fuel cells in maritime applications
  • World Platinum Investment Council (WPIC): Are Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles a Material Long-Term Demand Growth Driver for Platinum?
  • Quentin Meyer: Why Things Work and Why They Don’t
  • Heraeus: How Heraeus Precious Metals Applications Facilitate the Development of the Hydrogen Economy
  • China Focus: Document #39 & China’s FCEV Industry
  • China Focus: Overview of China’s Energy Industry: From Coal to Renewables… to Hydrogen!
  • TORUS Cooling: Ingenuity in Cooling Systems that Provide Huge Efficiency Gains in Hydrogen Fuelling
Hydrogen Standard Magazine Second Issue
Issue 2 - Q1 2022
  • KUSTEC: The world of Hydrogen Cooling Systems
  • GenComm: Sharing Concepts and Opportunities
  • Protium: Facilitating Green Hydrogen Infrastructure on the Road to a Zero Carbon World
  • Pennsaco: Turning Biomass into Carbon Negative Hydrogen
  • Electric Power Research Institute: Driving Research into Electric Power
  • The Hydrogen Standard: Green Hydrogen Production: Could It Cause a Short-Term Reliance on Fossil Fuels?
  • China Focus: Big Oil to Big Hydrogen – Analysis of Hydrogen Economy Planning at China’s Three Big Oil Majors
  • China Focus: The State of the Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA) Industry in China
  • China Focus: Near Term Sources of Hydrogen for DRI Steel Making in China
Issue 1 - Q3 2021
  • Galaxy FCT: The Case for Solid Hydrogen
  • GEV: Game-Changing Developments in Hydrogen Transport
  • Olwg: Modernising Project Lifecycle Assessment Testing
  • sbh4: Could Turquoise Hydrogen Make Hydrogen Greener?
  • Ata Insights: Unleashing Private Finance to Boost Renewable Hydrogen
  • Proton Motor: An Interview with Dr. Faiz Nahab, CEO of Proton Motor
  • Best4Hy: Closing the Loop: The Recycling of End-of-Life Fuel Cells