The Hydrogen Global Governance Report provides insights in various governments worldwide and their ambitions & commitments in rolling out a h2 roadmap. The research has been conducted bottom up in that we have first investigated all governments globally that have expressed some kind of ambition to implement a hydrogen roadmap. Second, we have aggregated that in a regional overview and finally it is brought all together in a global overview. Topics addressed range from hydrogen production roll out plans, funding made available to the industry, plans and commitments made to 2050, hydrogen refueling stations, trade agreements and much more.

Premium Platform Provides Access to:

Global Profile:

  • Funding Commitments
  • Regional Electrolyser Capacity Forecast
  • Cumulative Capacity Rollout
  • Energy Generation
  • Fuel Cell Vehicle Growth
  • Infrastructure View
  • Economic Benefits
  • Policy Support
  • Projects
  • Country R&D Landscape
  • H2 Cost Projections
  • Ambitions & Commitments
  • Trade & Collaborations
HGG Fuel Cell Production

Regional Profiles:

  • Europe Regional Overview & Individual Countries
  • North America Overview & Individual Countries
  • South America Overview & Individual Countries
  • Asia, excl China Overview & Individual Countries
  • China Overview & Individual Countries
  • Oceania Overview & Individual Countries
  • Africa Overview & Individual Countries
HGG Project Distribution


  • Report format access to monthly updates highlighting main developments
  • Real-time live updates as they happen on the platform


Subscription will provide access to the interactive platform. There are monthly PDF updates report will be available to download summarising the most recent updates.


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