Hydrogen Global Governance Platform

Our analysis provides unique and detailed insights
into government specific hydrogen roadmaps globally,
including regional and a global overview.

Our approach has been to aggregate some of the most relevant sources to build an image of the hydrogen landscape, specifically on a national and governmental level, to indicate which areas are apt or getting ready to deploy a strong hydrogen economy.

We strongly believe in the power of policies and the considerable impact national and governmental institutions can have on the development of an industry; this is why we deemed it particularly important to build this overview.

We have put together some slides that will shed some light on the nature of the information you can expect to find in this report and the methodology we’ve used.

For a bit of insight into our methodology, while the report starts with the global landscape section, followed by regional overviews, which are then broken down per country, we actually built the report in reverse. So we started by researching countries individually, and only after did we aggregate the information to create regional profiles. Then we put the regional profiles together to build a global landscape.

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What does the Hydrogen Global Governance Platform cover?


The analysis in the report covers the following:


  • Government Funding Plans

  • Breakdown of Commitments per Region

  • Electrolyser Capacity Roll-Out

  • Number of Green Hydrogen Projects

  • FCEV Industry Growth

  • Hydrogen Refueling Stations Overview

  • Regional Overview of Hydrogen Plans

  • All Country Specific Hydrogen Commitments Globally

  • Interactive Platform Updated Daily

  • Monthly PDF Report Summarising the Main Developments

  • Much more…

How is the Platform set-up?

The platform gives insights into the global, regional and country specific developments of governments rolling out their hydrogen roadmap. It is updated daily to incorporate the latest developments, and is interactive. In addition, an monthly PDF report is provided summarising the latest developments.

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Annual Subscriptions. €1,995

  • Total Premium Platform Access
  • Include monthly updates

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