Friday, October 22, 2021

Polish Conference On Hydrogen Energy and Technology PCHET

This year the focus will be on debates and, in line with last year's promise, verify the actions of Polish hydrogen champions. The concept of Polish hydrogen valleys will also be addressed.

World Hydrogen Congress

Location: PTA Congress Centre, Amsterdam: The senior executive, content-rich, networking congress for the hydrogen production, distribution and storage of the clean hydrogen industry

DWIH Coffee Talk #5: Our Hydrogen Future

The next DWIH Coffee Talk takes a close look at Germany’s and Japan’s national hydrogen strategies and at current hydrogen energy projects in both countries. Moderator Axel Karpenstein (DAAD Research and Studies) is in conversation with Prof. Dr. Christian Sattler (German Aerospace Center (DLR) / TU Dresden) and Prof. Dr. Tatsuya Kodama (Niigata University), together they will examine the promises and challenges of a hydrogen-based future and opportunities for German-Japanese research and development collaboration.

Hydrogen in the Home: a Good Bet or Big Gamble?

Currently around 85% of UK homes are heated with natural gas, but for the UK to reach its target of net-zero emissions by 2050, home heating needs to be decarbonised.
Of course, it’s too early to say whether this bet will pay off, but hydrogen in the home is becoming more of a reality than ever before. In this Leaders LIVE, we’ll examine the impact hydrogen will have on the way we heat our homes and debate the way forwards on hydrogen in the home.

Stork at the World Hydrogen Congress

Conference 1: SGH2: THE WORLD´S LARGEST GREEN PRODUCTION PROJECT! Its game changing process uses landfill as a feedstock, enabling 24/7 operation and avoiding future landfill related emissions Its game changing process uses landfill as a feedstock, enabling 24/7 operation and avoiding future landfill related emissions
Conference 2: PANEL: HYDROGEN AS A SOLUTION FOR REGIONALIZED ENERGY PLANNING & HEATING SECTOR. Joining the value chain from production to homes: exploring new technololgies, distribution, cost to the consumer and public perception.

Boeing Innovation Forum Virtual Event

Boeing is taking a collaborative approach to accelerating a path toward decarbonising aviation to ensure the aerospace industry continues to be safe and sustainable for future generations. Boeing cordially invites you to experience the Boeing Innovation Forum virtual exhibit launching on 6th October.

Here are some event highlights:
• Take a virtual tour of Boeing’s ecoDemonstrator aeroplane and learn how we create, test and implement technologies that make air travel safer and more sustainable
• Learn about disruptive technologies that are helping to decarbonise aviation, including SAF, hydrogen and electric propulsion

Green Non Mobile Machinery Forum

The Green Non-Road Mobile Machinery Forum 2021 will offer a comprehensive program focusing on the development of zero-emissions products and changing the way our world runs, supporting the mission to engineer a more sustainable future for us all. The presentations, case studies, and panel discussions will share the painfully learned lessons on that journey and case studies of projects in which they were discovered, utilizing the world’s most advanced industry leaders.

World H2 Day

World Hydrogen Day is a global movement, a day of celebration of hydrogen. It is a day to encourage energy transition within the energy intensive sectors and transport to advance sustainable business and green policy outcomes. The line up is very promising, ranging from c-suite executives, CEO's to national and international ministers and other influential policymakers.

In Conversation with Priscillah Mabelane, EVP for Sasol: Energy Business

Join Dr Morris Mthombeni, dean of GIBS, for an in-depth conversation with Priscillah Mabelane, executive vice president (EVP) of Sasol’s Energy Business, on Sasol “Leading the Energy Transition in Southern Africa”.

Priscillah will provide insight into Sasol repositioning itself as a major player in green hydrogen and what this means for Southern Africa and the globe. She will also unpack her role as EVP in leading Sasol’s strategic move to transform the domestic energy sector into a low carbon economy through renewables, partnerships and empowered employees.

Hydrogen Online Conference

The Hydrogen Online Conference is the largest online Hydrogen event in the world. Join the discussion with industry leaders and key decision-makers! 30+ world-class speakers, 100+ exhibitors, 10,000+ Hydrogen professionals live, 150+ countries.

Green Racing Virtual Summit

Green Racing News presents its 2nd Green Racing Virtual Summit, a space of conversations and featured interviews with Motorsports leading entities and executives.
The Summit will host some very influential motorsports personalities who will discuss the transition to a more clean & sustainable motorsports as well as gender diversity.

Asia Paccific Premier Hydrogen Event

Strike deals and meet current and prospective business partners in one of the largest and most established hydrogen market of the world.

Normandy: the future of hydrogen

This event will have the following program
- Hydrogen opportunities and projects in Normandy
- Testimony – Chereau
- Development of an hydrogen valley
- Presentation of a massive hydrogen production project
- The European hub on hydrogen in Normandy

Green steel collaboration event by Volvo Group

At this digital launch event, Volvo Group will reveal the progress of our partnership with SSAB and about our efforts as the first OEM to make use of surplus fossil-free hydrogen from Ovako to power fuel-cell vehicles.

9th Annual Pipeline Maintenance and Integrity Management

This year’s event will have a focus on pipeline integrity management, maintenance & inspection processes, crack assessment, corrosion prevention & upgraded technologies application as well as look at the impact of Hydrogen, biogases into the existing pipeline systems.

Plug Symposium 2021: Here Comes Green Hydrogen

The 2021 program will explore the micro and macro trends influencing the widespread adoption of green hydrogen to accelerate the global energy transition. You will hear industry thought leaders discuss the role of hydrogen and fuel cell solutions in decarbonizing multiple sectors including power, industrial and transportation. Plug Power is advancing the clean hydrogen ecosystem, enabling the integration of green hydrogen and fuel cell power into on-road mobility, data center and aerial applications. Plug will showcase the company's green hydrogen blueprint and unveil exciting product offerings that will provide both economic and sustainable solutions to our customers on a global basis.

Hydrogen buses. Their time is… now?

Today there are over 120 hydrogen buses operating in Europe, with plans to reach over 1,200 by 2025. So, which is the market potential for fuel cell bus deployment? How to deal with the infrastructural aspects? Is this technology going to find its place in the urban environment or mostly in intercity routes?

Materials-Based Hydrogen Storage for Heavy Duty Vehicles

SoCalGas® invites you to a webinar with Sandia National Laboratories to learn about nanoscale metal hydride composites for efficient storage of hydrogen on board Class 7 or Class 8 tractor heavy-duty vehicles (HDV). These materials have the potential to meet DOE targets to deliver hydrogen at the right pressure and energy-density to power a hydrogen-fuel-cell vehicle. Hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles can help decarbonize the transportation sector and reduce emissions in high-traffic corridors such as the South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD).

H2 View's North American Virtual Hydrogen Summit 2021 (Paid Event)

Event addressing the current state-of-play in North America’s hydrogen sector, across our four pillars of Mobility, Power, Policy and Technology, this October.

Power to X

Power-To-X will gather senior experts from power production, transmission, distribution, chemicals, mobility, transportation, storage, manufacture, service, and solution provider companies, along with consultancy and regulation bodies, dealing with P2X projects and deployment and operation process.

Hydrogen Technology Expo Europe

This event will bring together the entire supply chain to discuss everything from technologies and solutions for low-carbon hydrogen production, efficient storage, transport and infrastructure, as well as advanced design, testing and development, manufacturing solutions and advanced materials for hydrogen fuel cells.

Linde’s Modular SMR Hydrogen Technology

Catch upon Linde’s SMR technology to generate hydrogen for consumers with limited requirement. This online seminar will be focusing on Linde’s Modular Hydrogen Generation unit and it’s application in steel and electronics industry. This interactive session will be packed full of knowhow, best practices and answers to your questions.
Join them on October 20, 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM India Time (10:30 AM -11:30 CEST)

Workshop: Technologies & Solutions for Decarbonisation by Air Liquide

In this workshop, Air Liquide experts will share the latest technology solutions for low carbon hydrogen production, carbon capture and advanced biofuels available for the refining and petrochemicals industries.

2021 Asia Virtual Expo on PV, Battery, Power Supply & New Energy

With a commitment to facilitate quality conversations and trades between worldwide buyers and suppliers amid the pandemic, Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group will join hands with the Department of Commerce of Guangdong Province to together stage another wave of virtual trade shows for the second half of 2021.

#34 Hydrogen: Mobility Pillar Special with H2 View (FREE WEBINAR)

they are going to explore the role and potential of hydrogen in one of the most tangible applications for us all – mobility, by road, rail or river. If you enjoyed our last #HydrogenMobility Special webinar, join us again this month as we dive even deeper!

Symposium on Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Technology 2021 (SFCHT2021)

Symposium on Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Technology 2021 (SFCHT2021) is now calling for academicians, researchers, scientists, practitioners, and students to gather and share new ideas in related fields.

Mame Your Project Investor Ready and get Funding Fast

Showcase your project to our panel of invited investors and investors in the audience!
We Invite Investors and Developers of
1. Solar, Wind and Hydro
2. Energy Storage/Battery Storage
3. Waste to Energy and
4. Hydrogen Projects!

World Hydrogen Decarbonising the Gas Grids

A fundamental shift in how the gas industry operates, plans and designs its market is already in the making. As gas networks seek rapid solutions to achieving net-zero emissions, the associated costs and disruption are key concerns for all stakeholders involved. So what is the best pathway to redesigning and implementing a clean gas grid?


The hydrogen event for energy, industry and mobility, a unique event in France.
2 day conference thanks to HyVolution TV: National and European market info.
HyVolution brings together all stakeholders involved in the Hydrogen market. Industrial, manufacturers, service providers, institutions and local authorities all come along to present their solutions to people with projects.

Hydrogen Industry Information Briefing Session

What's happening in the South Australian hydrogen industry, what is SA-H2H (SA Hydrogen Hubs Inc.) and how you can be involved in accelerating the sector.

Hydrogen in the Home: a Good Bet or Big Gamble?

Currently around 85% of UK homes are heated with natural gas, but for the UK to reach its target of net-zero emissions by 2050, home heating needs to be decarbonised.

We’ll be joined by leaders and experts from the hydrogen energy field. Leaders LIVE events bring together thought leaders across business, policy, and education that are helping to shape our world.

Hypothesis XVI – Hydrogen Power Theoretical & Engineering Solution International Symposium

The purpose of the HYPOTHESIS series is to provide a forum where representatives from industry, public laboratories, universities and governmental agencies can meet, discuss and present the most recent advances in hydrogen technology. The conference will address all aspects, theoretical, experimental and prototype developments, of hydrogen as an energy carrier.

Green Hydrogen APAC 2021 (Virtual Conference)

Green hydrogen as a clean energy resource has attracted extensive attention worldwide. The global hydrogen generation market is projected to reach USD201 billion by 2025 and Asia Pacific is emerging as one of the leading markets for adopting hydrogen. Several countries in the region are betting on hydrogen to emerge as the top clean fuel, however technological advancements in hydrogen production, storage and supply can only be made feasible by establishing right policies, standards, infrastructure and access to affordable finance.

SPE Virtual Workshop: Hydrogen’s Role in Fuelling the Energy Transition

The drive to scale up hydrogen production is accelerating and with the natural synergy between the use of offshore wind and traditional oil and gas offshore developments, this workshop will explain and identify the merits of hydrogen and how the oil and gas sector can champion this market through technology development and deployment.

Energy storage & the role of hydrogen For nett zero carbon emissions UK

This prestige seminar will provide an overview of these technologies and their prospects to help reduce carbon emissions. This evening seminar will be the twenty second annual prestige seminar organised by EMSTA CIC as a joint event with the Satcoms Innovation Group and various professional engineering and science Institutions.

European Zero Emission Bus Conference

Expert speakers debated routes to commercialisation and discussed technological readiness of the two zero emission options: battery and fuel cell buses.
ZEB 2021 will call on European manufacturers, policy makers and operators to scale up their zero emission ambitions to become global leaders in the transition to a zero-emission society.

Africa Green Hydrogen Forum

Africa Green Hydrogen Forum, featuring a high-level agenda, will bring together renewable power generators, project developers, debt providers and investors, government and private sector decision-makers, chemical and mobility industries representatives, gas grids and off-takers, among others, to define a new energy era fuelled by hydrogen.

The Hydrogen Hype - what it can and cannot contribute to our Paris goals

We've invited the hugely knowledgeable Ulrike to give us an introduction to hydrogen and it's derivatives, and to help us understand the pros and cons of this technology. She'll explain how realistic it is that hydrogen can help us achieve our Paris Agreement climate goals and talk us through:
* How hydrogen can be produced
* Where it should be used (industry, transport etc.)
* What key challenges and chances we are facing globally.

Scholars Webinar on Catalysis, Chemical Engineering & Technology

Scholars Conferences, we take pleasure to announce our 2nd Edition Scholars International Webinar on Catalysis, Chemical Engineering and Technology (Catalysis Webinar 2021) has been scheduled during November 25-26, 2021. With indeed focus on the essential progression of developments and advancements through the latest upfront Catalysis, Chemical Engineering and Technology.

Hydrogen Industry Information Briefing Session

What's happening in the South Australian hydrogen industry, what is SA-H2H (SA Hydrogen Hubs Inc.) and how you can be involved in accelerating the sector.

Green Hydrogen summit Oman

Green Hydrogen Summit - Oman will address the range of policies, commercial and technical questions that need to be debated for a hydrogen industry to become a reality.

Hydrogen North America

The North American hydrogen roadmap for the next ten years is ambitious. To support such important objectives, Hydrogen North America will connect the dots between all production, distribution, and application businesses, alongside policy makers and financiers. Now more than ever, we need to think big. That means large-scale projects, off-taker agreements and global trade to advance the hydrogen economy in North America.

Hydrogen Economy Europe 2021

Hydrogen Economy Europe 2021 gathers the value chain to realise the hydrogen economy. Covering policy & regulation, scaling-up production, infrastructure, and end-use sectors, attendees will leave with the critical information and partnerships they need for expansion in Europe.

Hydrogen Middle East Summit

The Summit gathers global energy buyers and sellers with government representatives to discuss the vast opportunities available in the region and establish business partnerships to build a sustainable hydrogen industry. The Middle East will play a vital role in the energy transition, contributing to the much-needed scale up of hydrogen production; creating blue hydrogen with the use of existing CCUS technologies, as well as producing green hydrogen from renewable solar and wind power which are abundant in the region.

2nd Annual Asia-Pacific Hydrogen Summit

Gathering industry regulators, private sector leaders, researchers, and business associations united by the vision of transitioning towards a hydrogen society, the Summit will provide clear and actionable insights into the latest projects and trends within the industry. This timely meeting will address government policies and business strategies needed to meet the anticipated rise in hydrogen demand and tackle the hindrances in infrastructure.

3rd Hydrogen Production, Storage & Infrastructure Development Global Summit

With global demand for hydrogen on the upswing, studies forecast that Australia is poised to become East Asia’s largest hydrogen exporter, exporting 42% of regional supply by 2040. Join the global gathering of energy leaders to better understand, incorporate and devise successful strategies to capitalize on this opportunity for your organization.

World Hydrogen Summit 2022

As the world re-opens for face-to-face meetings, trust the industry’s feedback by choosing the world’s leading H2 event to conduct your business. Join this event at the World Trade Center in Rotterdam to recharge your strategy with the latest project announcements, policy developments and technology innovations, all under one roof.

Hydrogen Economy Europe 2021

ACI’s 5th Hydrogen & Fuel Cells Energy Summit will be taking place in Porto, Portugal, on the 16th & 17th March 2022.

This two day event will bring together key industry stakeholders from all facets of the hydrogen industry to discuss the required economical and infrastructural innovations for a sustainable future energy carrier. The key discussions will involve monetisation, latest technology implementations, material optimisation, production and transportation with case studies presented from across Europe. With incredible advances recently in hydrogen it is the best time to explore this booming industry.

Australian hydrogen Forum 2022

Hydrogen evangelists will tell you that hydrogen can solve all of the world’s energy and climate problems tomorrow. Anyone working in the real world knows that whilst hydrogen has lots of exciting potential, its commercial viability remains in question.
How do you ensure projects are economically viable? Where do you invest? What role does government play?
These are just some of the big questions being addressed at the Australian Hydrogen Forum in 2022.

Hydrogen Americas Summit

The Hydrogen Americas Summit took place virtually on 8 – 11 June 2021. The Summit gathered international hydrogen leaders from across the value chain for 4 days of exchanging valuable insights, building and fostering business relationships, celebrating achievements up to date and driving forward innovation and collaboration within the industry. We look forward to seeing you at the next Hydrogen Americas Summit in June 2022.

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