HYDROGEN EXPO is the first Italian exhibition & conference entirely dedicated to the technological sector for the development of the hydrogen supply chain.


The decarbonisation policy aimed at reducing global pollution sees hydrogen as a sustainable energy source since it can be generated using renewable energy and, therefore, it can be transported, stored and used as a gas; Italy can be an extremely interesting market for the development of hydrogen, thanks to the widespread presence of renewable energy sources and a capillary network for the transport of gas.


The role of hydrogen in the Italian energy system could have very positive repercussions both for the Country’s economy and for respect of the environment for the following reasons:


– By 2050, hydrogen could cover almost a quarter of all the Country’s energy demand.
– Hydrogen can be economically sustainable in a short time, especially for the the long-distance heavy transports industry.
– The mixture of hydrogen and natural gas in the distribution networks will be able to guarantee important developments also for domestic heating.




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