The Sustainable Energy Council and the U.S. Department of Energy co-hosted the 2nd Hydrogen Americas Summit which took place on 10 – 11 October 2022.


The Summit convened Government representatives, hydrogen and energy stakeholders, service providers and end-users to identify opportunities and get insights into the latest projects and policy developments that were crucial to drive the Region’s industry forward.


We were joined by up to 500 industry professionals & 200 virtually streaming online from 32 countries. Don’t miss the highlights and the summit statistics from our Executive Summary, coming soon.


With both public and private investments flooding into the hydrogen market, it’s been a crucial time to establish regional cross-sector collaboration and business partnerships enabled a wide range of industries across the continent to decarbonize and transition into net-zero energy systems.


With this focus, the Summit was designed to facilitate alliances between industry and government through interactive panelsproject spotlights and multiple breakout sessions ranging from regulations & policies to harmonise the hydrogen sector to the most energy-efficient ways to make green hydrogen.


There was never a more important time for a shift to a cleaner and more secure energy ecosystem for all. Thank you for joining us at the 2nd Hydrogen Americas Summit and ensuring you’ve become part of the growing hydrogen revolution. Check out the photos now!


If you would like to participate in our 3rd Hydrogen Americas Summit in October 2023 in Washington D.C., please don’t hesitate to get in touch.



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