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One of the important takeaways from the recent COP26 was that in order to get to net-zero it is necessary to focus on two most promising areas – carbon capture and storage and clean hydrogen production. The Global H2 and CCS Forum will further explore the benefits and challenges of developing the hydrogen economy and currently available carbon capture and storage solutions. There is a lot of buzz around hydrogen, however, for it to become a true carbon-neutral energy solution, the producers have to ensure it’s clean production and this is when carbon capture and storage technologies take center stage. The Forum will dive into the latest technological developments, ongoing and upcoming projects as well as market forecasts of the growing hydrogen sector and carbon capture and storage project trends.


The forum will gather all relevant stakeholders from energy companies, government and research sectors as well as solution providers where experts will have an opportunity to present their perspective, share latest findings and raise important questions. Ultimately, the Global H2 and CCS Forum will contribute to laying further commercial and technological foundations for the cleanest energy source of the future and it’s not to be missed!


Throughout the years of experience, ALJ Group has tested and tailored an interactive platform, where participants are able to engage in a fruitful debate and take full advantage of networking with the speakers and the audience. In addition to an informative conference with top experts, the participants get an exclusive opportunity to also attend an exhibition where carefully selected solution providers showcase their cutting-edge technologies and innovations. We invite all stakeholders and energy enthusiasts to join the Forum, get valuable insights, learn about the future of the energy industry, and start new business partnerships.





1. Unlocking Hydrogen Potential

  • The benefits and challenges of developing hydrogen economy
  • Creating safe investment environment and demand
  • Governments and key stakeholders’ role in developing the global hydrogen market
  • The crucial role of hydrogen in meeting emission goals


2. The role of CCS in achieving zero carbon economy

  • Carbon capture and utilization in Europe – capabilities, prospects and current policy framework
  • Investment environment and opportunities to advance CCS on larger scale
  • Further research and development of CCS technologies to make it more efficient and safe
  • Future opportunities and remaining challenges for CCS technologies and applications


3. Hydrogen Production and CCS Projects

  • Latest project updates – currently ongoing projects and future projections for hydrogen production
  • Cost-competitiveness of hydrogen production and wider range of applications
  • Future prospects for large-scale storage and transportation of hydrogen
  • Hydrogen production and CO2 capture systems – meeting purity requirements
  • Growing interest and already planned CCS projects – time to upscale?
  • Most efficient products and services for the entire CCS project value chain
  • Overcoming technological and and economic barriers to develop CCS infrastructure


4. Technologies and Solutions

  • Hydrogen production
    1. Fossil energy sources
    2. Renewables
    3. Electrolyzer technology
    4. Biogenic production
    5. Hydrogen as by-product
  • Adapting already existing technologies and infrastructure for H2
    1. Already existing gas storage and transporting facilities for H2
    2. Natural gas to H2
    3. LNG-H2 mixed refuelling stations
  • New CCS solutions and technologies
    1. CO2 capture and separation
    2. Transportation and storage solutions
    3. Testing and materials
    4. Utilisation


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