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Countries across the world are seeking for a sustainable, cost-effective and easily applied source of energy. It is important to come up with solutions that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and are technologically feasible – hydrogen could definitely be part of the answer and become the key component of the U.S. clean energy mix in the future. China, Japan and the European Union states have been actively investing in hydrogen infrastructure development and research, and the USA seems to be lagging behind in terms of unlocking hydrogen potential.


Hydrogen has enormous potential to become an important part of a decarbonized energy system and the USA should accelerate the process of laying the policy, commercial and technological foundations for GHG-free hydrogen production and utilization.


The American Hydrogen Forum will provide a platform for relevant stakeholders from the government, research, technology and service sectors to join a clean energy debate and collaborate in searching for sustainable hydrogen economy solutions.




1. Unlocking Hydrogen Economy Potential

  • · The benefits and concerns of developing hydrogen economy
  • · US government’s role in developing the hydrogen market in the USA
  • · Creating Safe Investment Environment and ensuring Demand


2. Project Development in the USA

  • Financing of hydrogen projects
  • Latest developments – currently ongoing projects and future plans
  • Cost-competitiveness and better possibilities for hydrogen production and applications


3. Technologies and Solutions for Use of Hydrogen

  • Electricity production via fuel cells
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cell Design, Development, & Manufacturing
  • Hydrogen use in vehicles – solving the refuelling challenge
  • Emission reductions associated with blue or green H2 for shipping fuel
  • Using hydrogen to decarbonize residential and commercial heating systems


4. Hydrogen Production

Blue Hydrogen Production

  • Fossil energy sources – the least expensive solution?
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the process of blue hydrogen production
  • Benefits of blue hydrogen as low-carbon fuel produced at a lower cost

Green Hydrogen Production

  • Green hydrogen production from solar and wind energy resources – the cleanest solution?
  • Constructing sufficient and cost-effective electrolyzer capacity
  • Reducing energy losses at every stage of green hydrogen supply chain

Other Production Possibilities

  • Biological hydrogen production: prospects and challenges
  • Hydrogen as by-product from industry
  • Renewable hydrogen production from biomass and waste


5. Hydrogen Storage, Transportation and Infrastructure

Storage and Transportation of Blue Hydrogen

  • Carbon capture and underground storage
  • Blue hydrogen pipeline design
  • Future prospects for large-scale storage and transportation

Storage and Transportation of Green Hydrogen

  • Building specialized pipelines and carriers for highly flammable and volatile gas
  • Construction of green hydrogen filling stations
  • Developing technologies that would propel green hydrogen use in maritime and aviation sectors


6. Adapting already Existing and Developing New Infrastructure for Blue and Green H2

  • Already existing gas storage and transporting facilities for H2
  • LNG-H2 mixed refuelling stations
  • Safety and potential hazards – high flammability, storage and transportation solutions
  • Need to increase the number of green hydrogen stations


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