German engineering skill meets American ingenuity

At ZELTWANGER Leak Testing & Automation, we bring German expertise in leak testing, smart laser cells, and automation to the US.


We provide expert advice, offer advanced technology solutions, and develop individual concepts to meet your specific needs.

We can do it ALL: Automation, Lasers, Leak testing – our key areas of expertise are laser machining and leak testing processes as well as the automation involved in these processes. We develop state-of-the-art solutions that meet the requirements of a wide variety of industries.


With our headquarters based in Charleston, South Carolina, we are your partner in North America.


Integrate our technologically advanced leak testing devices yourself or leave it to us as a one-stop-shop provider with the necessary expertise for manual workstations or fully automatic cells. These can be operated independently or integrated into your production lines.


Lasers and leak testing – two core processes that are increasingly required in e-mobility and medical technology.

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Focus on automation

Integration of laser technologies is our area of expertise.

X-CELL LRA: Laser robot applications

The X-CELL LRA is our scalable and modular standardized machining cell that facilitates a variety of automated processes – everything in one system.

X-CELL MED: Fully automated laser system

The fully automated system can mark medical devices, instruments, and packaging easily and completely safely (laser marking, black marking, annealing).

X-CELL WB: Machine tool loading

With this version of the X-CELL, we have developed a platform for the automatic loading of your CNC machines.