Clean energy application developer and advisory service.

Olwg makes the complex manageable by developing a one-stop-shop platform for interactive and easy to use web applications allowing energy transition and low-carbon developments to be quicker, more cost effective and easier to understand for decision-makers.


Why Choose Olwg?

Time is running out

We are a long way from achieving climate change goals. Based on current policies, CO2 emissions will only increase.

To stay within the 2 degree centigrade temperature rise limit we need higher CO2 savings and a major shift in behaviour and policy. Urgently.

So quicker solutions are needed

Traditional energy calculation models are often inaccessible, and do not always get you to the right answer quickly.

The technology to make change is already available to those in the know. However it is often complex and costly to find the correct solution for your problem. This all takes too long.

An easier more efficient method is needed for communities, local government, and clean energy investors to achieve their goals by getting to the right decision quicker.

This is the Olwg way.


Developing smart screening tools

At Olwg we don’t only understand the urgency in achieving solutions that are truly sustainable. We also understand the technology, process and policy in how to solve the problem.

To allow everyone to quickly understand the problems faced and what can be achieved we have developed prototype applications for project life cycle analysis for Solar and Hydrogen. Interactive applications for more technologies are currently in development.

All of our applications are hosted on Insyn (member log in required).

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