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Loop Energy is an industry-leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of hydrogen fuel cell systems for vehicle OEMs and power generation system manufacturers. Our products are reshaping the industry with an unmatched combination of fuel efficiency, power density and fuel durability with our proprietary patented designs and technological advancements.


Headquartered in Vancouver, Loop is centrally located in the fuel cell design capital of the world. Having expanded our manufacturing and business development with locations in Asia and Europe, Loop Energy is positioned to take off on a global scale as we expand to service and supply customers around the world.

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More Innovation For The Future

Our team is comprised of industry experts from the hydrogen fuel cell, automotive and clean tech industries. Together, they bring many decades of experience that enable Loop to truly design, innovate and commercialize. With a solid foundation, Loop Energy is achieving our zero-emissions goals by combining fuel cell innovation with the needs of commercial vehicle operators. We have solutions that add meaningful value for use in the real world.


Our fuel cell solutions can viably displace diesel in a way that does not cause functional or financial sacrifice. But more importantly, we create real-world value by allowing companies to reap large-scale savings in their overall cost of vehicle fleet ownership when they make the leap to adopt Loop Energy’s hydrogen fuel cell systems.

Loop Energy Commercial Ready Solutions
Loop Energy Commercial Ready Solutions

From delivery vehicles and transit buses, to heavy-duty trucks and the myriad of vehicle types, electrification is only viable if it can match its current conventional equivalent.

loop Energy Patented eFlow™ Technology
Patented eFlow™ Technology

eFlow™ was designed to enable commercial customers to achieve performance maximization and cost minimization.

Loop Energy Total Customer Care Program
Total Customer Care Program

Total Customer Care Program: Loop Energy’s ecosystem of qualified partners and suppliers that ensure our customers have a support network to rely on as our OEM customers develop their hydrogen fuel cell electric commercial vehicles.