About Hydro-C

We understand the importance of having safe yet swift service in environmental spots such as the Middle East and especially Iraq. Commitment and quality are milestones to ensure continuity of production and ensure disturbance-free operations. We achieve this because Hydro-C is supported by UK, EU and US partners.



Hydro-C is an approved Avon Protection, Anixter, Blackiron, Cengar, Contact Instruments, Koks Group, Marshell, Maxim Power Tools and ZOK Products distributor in Iraq.


Fittings & Pipes

Hydro-C has established stock for vast sizes of pipes and fittings, which are available for collection ex-stock or DDP. We ship within EU within 5 days and to the Middle East within 10-14 days (door-to-door). All fittings are as per ASME standards and in line with customers approved manufacturers.


Renewable Energy

Hydro-C is part of UK and Global effort to transform the energy sector into greener and more sustainable sector, our company offer extensive solutions to replace fossil fuel and carbon emitting processes with renewable and greener options, these include:

  • Solar Energy Solutions
  • Wind Energy Solutions
  • Hydro Energy Solutions
  • Geothermal Energy Solutions
  • Biomass Energy Solutions
  • Tidal Energy Solutions



Hydro-C is an authorised distributor for number of detergents and chemicals essential for many industries, these include:

  • Turbine Cleaners
  • Anionic Detergents
  • Cationic Detergents
  • Household Cleaning
  • Fuel Additives
  • Biological Reagent
  • Hypochlorite
  • HCl


Our company work closely with UK manufacturers to engineer the required industrial detergent and chemicals with different concentrations to address the customer requirements.

and much more. See more details on the services Hydro-C can provide on the website under our services