GALAXY FCT is a Hydrogen Technology company which has made a recent breakthrough in the ability to release H2 gas RAPIDLY and EFFICIENTLY from solid H2 feedstock (NaBH4). This, together with the convergence of several key technological developments has made it possible to change the way they think about H2 logistics. For the first time in many years, we have to option of not fighting the physics of H2 (using conventional H2 logistics) and migrate towards a fundamentally superior ecosystem which is centered around ​Solid H2 Logistics. ​

Solid H2 Logistics is not just an idea whose time has come.  It’s a potent climate solution which the world needs to unleash the full potential of renewable energy TODAY to effectively decarbonize the planet (substitute fossil fuels) within the time that we still have.  Our remaining carbon budget in 2020 stands at 440 GTCO2e, and we are emitting around 50 GTCO2e every year.  Time is running out quick and resources are limited.  Solid H2 works within an INFRASTRUCTURE LIGHT logistic ecosystem can be adopted/implemented at scale immediately and scaled across the entire planet rapidly – unlike most other solutions which tend to require massively expensive infrastructure for logistics, hence probably viable only in several densely populated corridors which are rich enough to afford the same.  The Climate Crisis is a global problem and a local solution will not fix it.  Given the current constraints and the reality of the situation, heavy reliance on an infrastructure-intensive solution is likely to deliver “TOO LITTLE, TOO LATE”.

They are seeking to collaborate with prospective stakeholders and/or partners who can work together to accelerate the emergence of the Solid H2 Logistics Ecosystem which can unleash the full potential of renewable energy to effectively decarbonize our planet in the shortest possible time.