Headquartered in Dubai, UAE since 1989 with operations in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Singapore, Canada, South Africa and the UK, dmg events is an international exhibitions and publishing company. They attract more than 425,000 visitors to our portfolio of 84 exhibitions each year.

They have expanded their operations to achieve impressive growth in emerging and mature markets by the strategic acquisition of complementary businesses and by geo-cloning their flagship events, where they adapt their core event brands to work across new countries and cultures.

Their 300 member team nurture professional communities for diverse industries including Construction, Energy, Coatings, Transport, Hospitality & Interiors. Their events are a focal point, supported by conferences, certified workshops, technical seminars and industry publications.

Through all of this work their aim is simple. dgm want to accelerate business through face-to-face events, which is why they work so hard to bring people together, creating opportunities for them to network, learn and do business.

Their Main Events in the Hydrogen and Gas Space:

Japan Energy Summit

Asia Pacific Energy & Gas Summit

Papua New Guinea Energy Summit & Exhibition

22nd World LNG Summit & Awards

Americas LNG & GAS Summit and Exhibition