China Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Monitor

Our analysis provides frequent and unique insights 
the development of the hydrogen market in China.
Insights that normally remain hidden or difficult to get
access to are extensively addressed in our issues.
Topics range from upstream to downstream updates
and developments in the country related to hydrogen and e-fuels.

Topics Include:

  • Hydrogen development plans in the oil and energy sector
  • Updates on regulatory changes on national, province and local level
  • Insights into industry developments, such as hydrogen use in steel, cement and other industries
  • Up to date information about plans in the vehicle fuel cell market
  • Insights into fuel cell use in trains, ships and trucks
  • More…
China Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Monitor Cover

What does the China Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Monitor cover?

The China Hydrogen & Fuel Cell monitor provides insights into the general developments of the hydrogen and fuel cell market in China. Each issue has five articles discussing various topics relevant to the general industry. This ranges from major oil producers, hydrogen capacity build, fuel cell development, government policy and development, alternative fuels and many more subjects.

Are there any costs involved getting access to the China Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Monitor?

No. The monitor is free to download for all. All you have to do a register your profile once and save your login details. New updates will be readily available and can be accessed using the login details.


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