Forze Hydrogen Racing

Forze is a hydrogen racing team of students from the Delft University of Technology.


In the past, multiple types of fuels have been used to power vehicles. In the beginning of motoring history, electric cars were also available.


One of the cornerstones of Forze is education.


Our partners are essential for the success of our projects. Whether partners aid us with knowledge, experience, materials, financial resources or other something else, their assistance is key to the achievements we accomplish.

We design, build, and race hydrogen-powered race cars. With our cars, we aim to demonstrate all that is possible for hydrogen in motorsports, mobility, and more.

Student team Forze was called to life in 2007 to bring a positive contribution to the sustainability of the mobility industry. With over 60 passionate and talented students from Delft University of Technology, Forze built the world’s first hydrogen electric race car. The goal of the team is to promote the use of hydrogen technology in motorsports. Over the course of the fifteen years of Forze’s existence, nine race cars have been built, each one quicker than the previous.

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