Floating Hydrogen Ports

The FHP rests on the unique floating islands technological solution Beirut International has developed. This structure is designed to absorb high sea waves without compromising on stability. It has been approved by the Marine Classification Society, while an Approval in Principle is being issued for the ongoing FHP.

What if there was a way to:
• Produce green hydrogen on open deep seas, where the renewable energy potential is abundant and untapped?
• Power sustainable floating cities at sea, where people can live, work, and enjoy nature and green energy?
• Refuel ships with green hydrogen and derivatives, reducing their emissions and dependence on fossil fuels?

These are the questions that inspired Eng. Sumer Daou, the founder of Floating Hydrogen Ports (FHP), to start a service provider that aims to enable green hydrogen production on open deep seas, to power sustainable floating cities, and refuel ships with green hydrogen and derivatives.

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