The fastest growing interactive platform on global hydrogen developments.


We offer an interactive platform with live research products, a digital and physical hydrogen magazine and a website with features and information on the latest developments. Therefore, collaborating with us massively increases your visibility and exposure to the market.

Hydrogen trade magazine

A dedicated trade magazine for the industry, presenting the latest research and developments, but also showcasing companies active in the entire hydrogen value chain.

Print and digital

Our trade magazine is available in both print and digital format for the entire industry.

Welcome Pack

The magazine will be available in the welcome pack at selected events around the world. This maximises exposure to a targeted audience.


The digital magazine is free to download for all, and made available on the platform and through Publitas. The print issue is free to pick-up at 20 + hydrogen events.


We work with the objective to minimise efforts required from the companies participating in the magazine, but maximising their exposure to the market.

Value Chain

Readers will find a diversified representation of companies throughout the entire hydrogen value chain, including the supporting eco-system that facilitates the hydrogen industry to evolve.

Partnership Strategy

Together with carefully selected event partners in the industry, we are now available in digital & print at 20 + events.


The magazine feeds into the Hydrogen Standard Platform, which is a powerful tool for companies requiring information, market insight and research in the hydrogen space.

Next Publiation: 9th May

Request the media pack to opt in for the next issue, and learn about video options.

4-step Process

Hydrogen Standard provides a holistic approach to strengthen your brand in the industry. We help each individual company with content creation, such as design and copy writing, targeted marketing, but also research and market insights. This multi-channel approach yields targeted feedback from different angles, and makes it possible to connect with other potential collaborators.


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