About The Hydrogen Standard
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The energy transition is happening, as a society we are moving away from carbon fuels towards cleaner solutions.

In that transition, hydrogen plays a central role.
However, so many initiatives, projects and investments in the hydrogen space are popping up everywhere that it is difficult to keep track off them all.

The Hydrogen Standard

The Hydrogen Standard has put together a platform that brings all the dispersed content on hydrogen’s role in the energy transition available on the web together in one place.
A one stop shop to keep track of the developments the role hydrogen plays in the energy transition.

The way we work

We accumulate information from over 30 different sources and organize them by technical specification, organizational structure or geographical breakdown.

We continue to add news sources weekly.

Our platform is all about sharing all available developments related to the hydrogen value chain and alleviate the participants in it.

Through providing content on individual companies developments we strive to provide exposure to the progress itself, the medium that shares it and to us by increasing our content.

Tools, such as documents and video’s, are shared on the platform as well to inform and further your understanding about the various hydrogen technologies and why they will form a keystone in our future society.

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