Shanghai Super Power Technology - Fuel Cell Balance of Plant Components One-Stop Shop


Shanghai Super Power Technology (SSPT) recently completed a new investment round, the third time in recent years that the company has raised money on public markets to fund development and production of fuel cell system components. In this latest round, Han-Ye New Energy invested 200 million RMB. SSPT confirmed this influx of capital would be used to develop and produce DC/DC, air compressor, and hydrogen recirculation pump products directed at China’s burgeoning fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) markets.


SSPT claims to be the first firm in the PRC to offer a complete suite of components for the entire fuel cell system (FCS). SSPT started offering this complete FCS balance of plant (BOP) solution as early as 2019 but only recently made announcements about major technological breakthroughs in each of the firm’s three core BOP products: DC/DC, air compressor, and hydrogen recirculation pump.



A transmission conditions the power from the engine into usable torque to drive the wheels on a car. Similarly, the DC/DC conditions the raw power from the fuel cell stack into usable energy to drive the electric motor of a FCEV. Specifically, the DC/DC takes in fluctuating voltage from the fuel cell stack – the voltage fluctuates inversely to hydrogen fuel flow – and produces a steady voltage for the electric motor. In China, most FCEV trucks operate on 350 VDC platforms and most FCEV buses and heavy-duty (HD) trucks operate on 500 VDC platforms. Most fuel cell stacks, in contrast, can produce only 250 VDC. The DC/DC therefore serves the dual purpose of both conditioning and boosting the voltage to the level required by the FCEV drivetrain platform.