Corporate Profile: Beijing Tianhai Industry Corporation

The total number of fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) historically sold in China is fast approaching 10,000. Each of these vehicles has a fuel cell system (FCS) composed of one or two or even three power-producing stacks. In the early days of China’s most recent FCEV promotion craze much attention was given to the core technology, materials, and other “know-how” in the FCS. Relatively little attention, in contrast, was directed towards the on-board hydrogen fuel supply system (HSS). Just as the stack is the core of the FCS, high pressure cylinders (HPC) to safely store the hydrogen fuel are the core of the HSS.


Beijing Tianhai Industry Corporation (BTIC) is owned by Beijing City Electronics Investment Group, a state-owned enterprise (SOE) based in China’s capitol city, in the north of the country. BTIC has eight manufacturing locations around China and has a history of designing and building advanced HPC products. BTIC was, for example, one of the first HPC manufacturers in China to receive NGV2 certification from the USA to produce CNG-III HPC.